AnalytIQ CONSULT is an independent consultancy and advisory firm established in Djibouti to help investors navigate Djibouti’s and the Horn of Africa region regulatory environment to minimize risk and ensure legal compliance.

The firm offers a unique range of experiences in the public, private and academic sectors. It does so by bridging the gaps between research and hands-on approach. Our team delivers comprehensive consulting and advisory services focused on the client’s specialized needs. Our full range of outstanding services will benefit companies looking to grow and expand their business in the region


The firm provides strategic insights to investors, business and governments based on an in-depth understanding of context issues. The firm’s key differentiator is the way it delivers services and data to clients. Our data-driven approach allows us to provide valuable insights to our clients and seamlessly interact with them.


AnalytIQ CONSULT applies bespoke solutions that guide clients to bridge the gap between current the desired state. We do this through tailor-made designs and holistic value-creation strategies that enable our clients to reach their desired potential.

Our solutions help our clients:

  • Drive efficiency via process improvements and technology adoption
  • Improve service delivery and reduce bottlenecks
  • Modernize risk-management protocols
  • Reduce legal spend
  • Enable the legal team to focus on critical and strategic initiatives
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