Hope Mriti Wanjira

Associate Consultant

Ms. Miriti Hope has pursued and completed a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Strathmore Law School, Kenya. She is currently undertaking a Post-graduate Diploma, Advocate’s Training Program, at the Kenya School of Law.

Hope is a passion-driven Legal Researcher with a vision geared towards petroleum and energy justice, sustainable energy and petroleum development, transparency and accountability in natural resource management and the role of effective legislation and implementation of laws and policies  in the Petroleum and Energy sector. She believes that through extensive research and analysis, publications, dialogue, strategic stakeholder engagement and community engagement, it is possible to curate and contribute towards tailor-made solutions that advance petroleum and energy justice, influence policy change  and ultimately promote human dignity across the energy and petroleum value chain in Africa and Globally.

Hope upholds integrity, ethics and authentic personal leadership as her core values. She believes that young people are crucial agents of change who should be empowered through capacity building, coaching, mentorship, and equipped with authentic and impactful leadership skills to realize their full potential.



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