Lea Marill

Legal Analyst

Lea Marill is a French and Djiboutian national undertaking her final studies in Law (Major) and Management (Minor) at the Toulouse University in France. Ms. Marill lived and studied in Djibouti for 15 years and in Sydney Australia during 2016-2018. She passed her an entrance examination in Hong Kong ( 2018) to integrate Political Science school in France.


Before joining AnalytIQ CONSULT, Ms. Marill undertook a one-month internship at the Cabinet ZK law firm in Djibouti in June 2019. Before that, she also accepted an internship with Toyota Djibouti in the sales and marketing department in 2015. She will also commence a one- month internship in July 2020 at CFAO in Paris if the current context permits. Ms. Marill is responsible for legal, regulatory and business research, updating clients on the changes related to legal and regulatory systems in Djibouti and translating French/English documents as required.




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